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We want you to know exactly how and where your donation is being used. So from the beginning, we’ve kept a few promises.

We prove every project

We track every dollar you raise and show the projects you helped fund with photos.

We’re an open book

We’ve consistently received the highest grades available for accountability and transparency.
Baba's Feed Project
A non-profit organization dedicated to help feed families in developing countries

Leading the Team

Facing a problem as big as food crisis requires an incredible team. We’re grateful to have some of the most innovative and committed leaders guiding our organization.

Baba's Feed Project Founders

Pintu Kumar

Founder + Operations 

Billiejean Rouse

Founder + Director

Chris Whitehead

Founder + Marketing

Lauren Jayne

Founder + Director


Together, we can help feed - one family at a time.

We began the project in response to the urgent need to serve the poorest of the poor who were faced with the economic shut down and the inability to work and provide for their families.